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Tips for Individuals with Chronic Dry Eye

Dry eye syndrome is a chronic, progressive condition that affects more than 20 million Americans each year. Because it is brought on by a number of factors, it exhibits itself in different forms, depending upon the patient. Cleveland Eyecare, OD, PA of Shelby specializes in dry eye and can help you identify the right treatment for you. 

Common Symptoms of Dry Eye

It’s important to discuss all your symptoms with your optometrist. After a thorough eye exam, we will recommend a treatment protocol to fit your unique lifestyle and condition. Common dry eye symptoms include:

  • Contact lenses are uncomfortable

  • Itchy or red eyes

  • Blurry or fluctuation in vision

  • Headache

  • The sensation of having a foreign object in the eye

  • Excessive tearing

  • Sensitivity to light; glare

Causes of Dry Eye Syndrome

The American Optometric Association associate a number of causes and factors contributing to dry eye:

Gender -  Fluctuating hormones make women more at risk.

Environmental -  From working in front of a computer for hours, to the wind and smoke exposure, your environmental conditions can contribute to dry eyes.

Medications -  Some medications, such as blood pressure and antihistamines have been linked to dry eye syndrome.

Age -  Patients over the age of 65 are at greater risk.

Medical conditions -  Some conditions, such as diabetes, eye surgery, and rheumatoid arthritis put patients at greater risk for dry eye.

Diagnosis and Treatment 

The first step towards relief is a comprehensive eye exam. After reviewing your medical and lifestyle history, our experienced optometrist will examine your eyes and perform a number of tests. This will help determine the precise cause and help us come up with the right treatment plan for you. 

Potential treatment plans include:

  • Changing environmental conditions

  • Eye drops

  • Changing medication

  • Altering contact lens schedule

  • Employing tear production techniques 

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Are dry eyes hindering your life? The staff at Cleveland Eyecare, OD, PA of Shelby specializes in a range of eye conditions including severe dry eye and Lasik. Call (704) 482-1234 or visit us online to request your comprehensive eye exam. 

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