Family Optometrist

Family Optometry Services for Shelby, NC Residents

As the head of a household, you're always looking for trusted, all-in-one solutions for your family's most pressing needs -- from a reliable family attorney to a skilled family doctor. Now you can add an experienced family optometrist to your list of advisors. Cleveland Eyecare is proud to offer a full range of family optometry services for every member of your Shelby NC family, from babies to seniors. It's all part of our commitment to serving as your "one-stop shop" for the highest standards of the eye and vision care.

Family Optometry Services for Shelby, NC Residents

The Value of Having a Family Optometrist

There are many advantages to having a family optometrist seeing to your entire household's eye and vision needs. The more frequently and routinely your family members come to visit us, the more deeply you can get to know and trust our skilled practitioners -- and the better we can get to know your family's specific eye care needs and goals. There's also the sheer convenience of being able to call a single phone number and visit a single optometry office for every primary care appointment. If an urgent situation such as an eye emergency develops, you'll never be at a loss as to where to go for help.

Services for Every Member of the Family

Cleveland Eyecare is more than capable of taking care of your eye care needs at every stage of life. We offer pediatric eye and vision exams to make sure that your little ones are developing normal visual skills. If we see a problem that calls for correction, we can administer the proper treatment to help your kids enjoy clear eyesight throughout those all-important school years. For adults, we provide annual comprehensive eye and vision exams to check eye function, visual acuity, and eye health. We can also treat common eye disorders such as presbyopia, dry eye, and computer vision syndrome. If you have a disease such as glaucoma, we can prescribe medication to help you control it in its early stages.

Seniors are at higher risk for a number of eye diseases, from cataracts and macular degeneration to glaucoma. The elders in your family will benefit greatly from our senior eye care services. We can diagnose, monitor, and treat these age-related issues to help preserve optimal eyesight for years to come.

Keep Your Shelby Loved Ones Seeing Clearly!

You're never too young or too old to benefit from top-quality eye care. That why we hope you'll call Cleveland Eyecare today at 704-482-1234 to schedule an appointment for any member of your Shelby family!

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