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New to Contact lenses?

If you wear glasses but have never worn contact lenses, you may not know what you’re missing!  Our doctors are happy to put a pair of contact lenses on your eyes so that you can experience what its like before commiting to a contact lens fit.  We will then teach you how to insert and remove contacts.  Most new contact lens patients leave our office seeing a whole new world, without their glasses!

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Experienced Contact Lens Patients

Whether you already know your favorite brand, or are looking for something a little better than last go-round, we’ve got you covered!  We have a large inventory of trial lenses so you can leave with enough fresh lenses to last you until your order is receieved.  We’re confident that you’ll find our personal touch beats your previous experience with re-uping your CL prescription.   

Buying your Contact lenses

We offer competitive rebates & free direct shipping to your home or office on year supplies.   Better price online? We’ll match it.  Torn or lost lens, or just need a few more until your next exam, we’ve got you covered unlike online retailers.  We also file any insurance benefits for contact lenses.

Have You Been Told You Can't wear Contact Lenses?

Think again!  Ok, not everyone’s a great candidate for contact lenses.   However with advances in lens technology dryness, age, or astigmatism no longer have to prohibit you from wearing contacts. 

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