Glaucoma Services from Your Optometrist in Shelby, NC

To decrease the risk of losing their sight, glaucoma patients need regular professional monitoring by an optometry practice.  Our Cleveland Eyecare OD, PA eye doctors provide diagnostic services and treatment for patients in the Shelby area with this or other eye diseases.  They offer both pre- and post-operative services for those referred out for surgery.
glaucoma treatment

Overview of Glaucoma

When aqueous humor within an eye cannot circulate correctly, this fluid exerts pressure on the optic nerve.  One potential result is glaucoma.  Since it is impossible to prevent or to cure this eye disease, careful management of the condition is essential.  Our optometrist’s goal is always to save the greatest amount of sight possible for each patient.

While some patients develop this disorder in just one eye, it can occur in both.  It can also reach a more severe level in one eye.

Unfortunately, many diagnoses occur only when the disease is advanced because patients did not recognize early symptoms.  These are the most common signs:

  • Loss of peripheral vision
  • Headaches
  • Blurred vision
  • Pain in an eye
  • Eyes that appear cloudy
  • Halos surrounding lights

Individuals with Scandinavian, Inuit, Irish, Japanese, African-American, Russian, or Hispanic ethnicity face a higher-than-average risk of developing this disorder.  Patients are typically at least 40 years old.  An elevated risk also links to experience an injury from force or a chemical, having blocked blood vessels, developing infections, or suffering from certain inflammatory disorders.

This disease occurs as one of two main types.  The open-angle type occurs significantly more often than the angle-closure variety.  What distinguishes the two is the reason for the patient’s insufficient fluid drainage.

Treatment Our Optometry Practice Provides

Once our optometrist has diagnosed glaucoma, the patient should begin treatment to reduce eye pressure and protect the optic nerve.  Early diagnosis and treatment are important in preserving the greatest amount of vision possible.

Our eye doctor develops a customized treatment plan for each patient.  The most common options include a medication is drop form, systemic drugs, and glasses to correct refractive issues.  Preserving sight requires controlling the pressure in an affected eye.  In some patients, it is possible to stop optic nerve damage.  We refer some patients for surgery to lower eye pressure. 

Schedule an Exam with Our Shelby Optometrist At Cleveland Eyecare, OD, PA!

Take an important step to protect your vision by undergoing eye exams on a regular basis.  Our Shelby father-and-son team, Dr. L. Shepard Hamrick, Jr. and Dr. Cameron Street Hamrick, provide a full range of optometry services.   Our Cleveland Eyecare OD, PA practice also has a full optical department.  Be sure to call us today at 704-482-1234 to schedule an exam and learn more about our services.  

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