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Globally, cataracts are the #1 cause of blindness.  Among U.S. residents, 24 million who are older than 40 suffer from them.  Since associated vision changes typically progress slowly, a diagnosis often occurs when the disorder is advanced.  Our Shelby optometrist recommends regular eye exams at our Cleveland Eyecare, OD, PA to detect changes in vision.  We provide cataract management and referrals for surgery.


Why Cataracts Develop

The biggest risk for developing cataracts is advancing age.  Other causes include nutritional deficiencies, medications, smoking, alcohol consumption, diabetes, and UV radiation exposure.

Although patients commonly develop a cataract in each eye, sometimes one occurs in a single eye.  When both eyes are affected, cataract growth is sometimes different in each eye.

A cataract is a protein deposit that builds on the lens of the eye.  Because the lens focuses light on the retina, deposits that accumulate interfere with the ability of the lens to focus.  This can eventually cause vision loss.

The most common symptoms include:

  • Hazy or blurred vision
  • Increased glare sensitivity, particularly at night
  • Reduced color intensity
  • More difficulty seeing after dark
  • Changing refraction results

Services Our Optometry Practice Provides

Although preventing cataracts is impossible, advice from our optometry practice help delay progression.  This includes undergoing regular eye care management and following healthy lifestyle practices such as being a nonsmoker, limiting UV exposure, adopting a healthy diet, and wearing correct eye protection.

A vision exam includes a cataract screening.  To make a diagnosis, our eye doctor performs a physical exam and reviews patient history.  The most important cataract diagnostic steps include measurements of visual acuity, eye refraction, color vision, and glare sensitivity tests, eye pressure measurements, assessment of the lens in each eye, and evaluation of each retina.

Cataract management might include medicated drops to stop or at least slow progression.  Corrective lenses and certain coatings address changing vision.  Our staff can also advise which visual aids are the most useful for each patient in completing daily activities.

Surgery to remove a cataract is the only way to cure the disorder.  Once a cataract has grown to the point that it affects vision, our optometrist refers the patient for surgery to remove the lens of the affected eye and replace it with an artificial lens.

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Vision is precious.  The best way to protect it is scheduling regular exams and following up with professional eye care.  Our Shelby father-and-son optometrists, Dr. L. Shephard Hamrick, Jr., and Dr. Cameron Street Hamrick, provide complete optometry services.  Our Cleveland Eyecare, OD, PA practice also offers full optical services.  Call us today at 704-482-1234 to schedule your next vision exam.

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